Research Promotion


The mission of ASHRAE is to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating (HVAC&R) to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.


ASHRAE has supported research to improve quality of life. ASHRAE Research impacts the industry by advancing the way HVAC&R systems work and the way in which they are applied, and allowing development of technical information to create standards and guidelines which serve as the basis for testing and design practices around the world. Over US$2 million raised annually to help fund US$10 million in research projects and student grant-in-aids. Contributions come from more than 6,700 members, non-members, and companies. 100% of all funds raised go directly to research projects that support the HVAC&R industry.


Please visit www.ashrae.org/rp for more details on ASHRAE Research Promotion.


Donor Levels

Other than listing the name of the donor in annual Investor Honor Roll of ASHRAE Journal, ASHRAE will issue the following item(s) to the donor if he/she can contribute a certain amount of donation to ASHRAE Research:-

a.Honor Roll (Individual) of US$100 to US$249

: Antique ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & holder*

b.Honor Roll of US$150 to US$249

: Antique ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & holder*

c.Major Donor : Antique of US$250 to US$499

: Antique ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

d.Major Donor : Bronze of US$500 to US$999

: Bronze ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

e.Major Donor : Silver of US$1000 to US2499

: Silver ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

f.ASHRAE Associate of US$2500 to US$4999

: Gold ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

g.ASHRAE Partner of US$5000 to US9999

: Personalized shadowbox plaque

h.Golden Circle of US$10000 to US$19999

: Gold ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque* &
invitation to ASHRAE Winter Meeting

i.Platinum Circle Donor of US$20000+

: Gold ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque* & invitation to ASHRAE Winter Meeting


Remark: *Plaques and holders are provided to new donors.






Fundraising Events held by ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter

For fundraising to support ASHRAE research, ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter has organized many ASHRAE RP events, including RP walks and RP golf tournaments, in the past. All donations from sponsors in this event would be 100% contributed to ASHRAE Research.




ASHRAE Research Promotion (RP) Walk 2015

on 21 November 2015


Tai Tam Country Park + BBQ

Over 50 participants with the fundraising amount of US$7,341 donation



RP Golf Tournament 2015-16

on 10 May 2016

Dongguan Phoenix Hill Golf Club

39 participants with the fund raising amount of US$9,031 donation



Group Donors


Major Donor - Silver of US$1000 - US$2499 :


FSE Engineering Group Ltd.

Gotop Engineering - Hong Kong

Honest Air-Conditioning Ltd.

Kambo Project Services Limited

Trane Hong Kong

Wardson Engineering Ltd.


Major Donor - Bronze of US$500 - US$999 :


Intelligent Technologies Limited


Major Donor - Antque of US$250 - US$499 :


BeeXergy Consulting Limited

Belimo Actuators Ltd.

Botop Engineering (macau) Ltd.


Centresource Engineering Limited

Decoraco Kin Heng

Fortune Links Hong Kong Ltd.

GEES Tech Limited

Lisum Engineering - Hong Kong

Telemax Enviornmental and Energy Management Ltd.


Major Donor - Silver of US$1000 - US$2499 :


Mr. Edward Ka Cheung Tsui


Major Donor - Bronze of US$500 - US$999 :


Dr. Chun-Sing Wong, PhD; Mr. Hung Man Huang


Major Donor - Bronze of US$250 - US$499 :


Dr. Dennis Siu-Lok Tung; Mr. Hei-Kin Chan; Mr. Chun-Leung Lau; Mr. Ho-Bun Liu; Mr. Wai-Tong Wallace Yip; Mr. Wai-Hung Chow; Dr. Chi-Man Yiu; San LunYi


Honor Roll of US$100 - US$249 :


Mr. Woon-Yuen Fung; Dr. Roger C.Y. Chu; Dr. Sam C.M. Hui; Mr. Cheng Wee Leong; Mr. Tak-Wing Chu; Mr. Chi-Fung Taylor Chow; Ms. Ching-Man Tracy Pang; Dr. Tin-Tai Chow; Mr. Hon-Ming Lam; Mr. Low Han Guan Den; Mr. Shu-Hung Wong; Mr. Kit-Ying Wong; Mr. Ka-Leung Sung; Dr. Philip C.H. Yu; Mr. Kar-Cheung Siu; Mr. Wan-Fuk Lin; Mr. John A Rieke; Dr. Ka-Lung Raymond Chan; Mr. Kei-Chun Ng; Mr. Wai-Keung Pau; Ms. Chiu-Wah Lee; Mr. Tsz-Wai Law; Mr. Wai-Keung Ng; Mr. Johnny K.Y. Lam; Mr. Tat-Ming Wong; Mr. Chake Ling Choy


For the Research Promotion Events' Report, please click HERE

[Updated in Sep 2016]