Board of Governers and Committees 2009 / 2010

1. Officers and Board of Governors


Posts Name
President (CRC Delegate) Mr. Calvin Tang
President-Elect (CRC Alternate) Ms. Eagle Mo
Secretary Mr. Albert Lin
Treasurer Mr. Albert Lo
Immediate Past President Mr. Raymond K.L. Chan
Member, Board of Governors Mr. Chu, Tak Wing Vincent
Member, Board of Governors Mr. Tse, Kam Chuen Vincent
Member, Board of Governors Mr. Cheng, Tim
Member, Board of Governors Dr. Sam Hui


| 04 Jul, 2009 |

2. Working Committee


Committee Member (s)
Attendance Mr. Vicki Poon (Chair)
Auditing (2009-2010) Mr. T.K. Chan (Chair)
Chapter Technology Transfer Dr. Albert So (Chair)
Chapter Programs Mr. Ringo Cheung (Chair)
Mainland Relations Mr. Dennis Tung (Chair)
CRC Delegate Mr. Calvin Tang
CRC Alternate Ms. Eagle Mo
CRC Action Mr. Raymond K.L. Chan (Chair)
Electronic Communication Mr. Chan, Tin Kei Henry (Chair)
Historical Dr. Yu, Chung Hoi Philip (Chair)
Honors & Awards Mr. Edward Tsui(Chair)
Information Technology (IT) Mr. Dino Yip (Chair)
Mr. Lam, Ying Wai, Alan (Webmaster)
Institutions (HK) Liaison Mr. S.L. Li (Chair)
Membership Promotion Ms. Tracy Pang (Chair)
Publications & Newsletter Ms. Fou, Ut Ha (Chair)
Publicity Mr. Pau, Wai Keung (Chair)
Reception Ms. Pauline Leung (Chair)
Refrigeration Mr. Lam, Yu Hung Peter (Chair)
Research Promotion Mr. Thomas Chan (Chair)
Student Activities Mr. Kenny Lee (Chair)
Young Members Committee Ms. Eunice Tong (Chair)

Technical Working Group Member (s)
Energy Working Group Mr. Ronald Chin (Chair)
Ventilation & Health Working Group To be announced
Operation & Maintenance Working Group Dr. Joseph Lai (Chair)
Humidity Working Group Dr. Niu, Jian Lei (Chair)


| 04 Jul, 2009 |

3. Nominating Committee


Posts Name
Members To be announced


| 04 Jul, 2009 |